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Risk & Data Management

BGND understands that for its clients to succeed in today's uncertain business environment, organizations must re-examining their information technology strategies and solutions. Thorough analysis can help minimize their organization's exposure to risks.

What drives the escalation of risk? Among the factors are data and their management. With the escalation of certain geo-political situations, risk identification has become pivotal for many organizations. New tools such as the application of metrics to human and other resources across an organization can provide actionable information to managers. BGND advocates ongoing-risk mitigation activities. Increased transparency for stakeholders and others complements auditing and accountability analysis. BGND provides counsel and implementation of systems that deliver responsive, accurate, and intuitive access, analysis, and action on data. BGND addresses the fragmented risk environment with cohesive solutions that put essential data in a secure, centralized construct.

BGND is at the forefront of technology firms that provide risk-screening and management solutions. BGND solutions integrate analytics functionality, provide security in line with each client's specific requirements, and complies with the U.S. Patriot Act. BGND's professionals take a pragmatic approach to risk management and work with its clients to evaluate risk management data requirements within the context of the client's systems architecture. This approach avoids a cookie cutter approach to risk management. Furthermore, the BGND approach helps ensure that the client's architecture seamlessly supports the organization's risk management requirements. BGND blends the data requirements of enterprise initiatives with the business processes at the organization. BGND integrates creation and use of risk data. The outcome is that concerns about data quality are reduced at the same time data are more consistent.

BGND's core risk management platform is the BGND Risk Management Support System (RMSS). BGND applies proprietary technology to specific organizational and application needs. BGND makes ease of use, security, accuracy, reliability and compliance with client requirements a priority in each projects. Our clients include medical, law enforcement, and financial institutions.

BGND's solutions begin with a thorough understanding of the client's specific requirements. From this analysis, BGND's professionals aggregate data. The aggregated data provide clients with immediate access to relevant data from a broad array of sources. These sources may be, depending on customer requirements, secure and insecure, public and private, and legacy sources. BGND then customizes the system so that data are clustered, categorized, and present risk scenarios that present risk characteristics in a clear, easy-to-understand format.. RMSS models the likelihood of default or bad acts by identifying and matching common elements. BGND's RMSS system can learn from past experience and "look forward" to assist clients in identifying specific risks and their probability of occurrence. RMSS offers specific solutions to the adjudicators or managers who can then make final decisions.

BGND Risk Management Support System (RMSS)

BGND enables its clients to automate and enhance improve your decision-making. RMSS applies predictive models to relevant current data in real-time. BGND leverages its world-class expertise in cross-database search, data aggregation/integration, modeling and work flow. BGND's RMSS delivers a risk solution that is highly scalable, robust and extensible..

RMSS provides qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques:

Quantitative Analytical Techniques:
Queries and Surveys
Ready-to-use templates and examples
Reference databases
Process Tracking User Interface
Graphical User Interface for Data Input and Manipulation
Point-and-click access to functions, curve fitting, and data display
Modeling fools for data correlation
"What if?" Scenarios
Scenario analyses to allow clients to see "at a glance" combinations of input variables that contribute significantly to a specific outcome
Sensitivity analyses to present the "sensitivity" of each output variable to an input variables).

BGND can implement specific functions. However, RMSS has been designed to provide a comprehensive, single-source solution to risk management. BGND's integration services include:

Data selection and aggregation for structured and unstructured data
Analytics-based security risk screening,
Predictive modeling,
Cost/benefit functions for user-selected decisions
Ability to integrate real-time data into the system.

BGND's Risk Management Support System functionality

Aggregation of data and automatic triggering of modeling processes on that data.
Support for a generalized description of data about a specific subject.
Streamlined conditional aggregation and support for sparse data sets.
Automated mapping of data from the generic model to a specific model.
Bayesian analyses for probabilistic learning.
Data conversion and export utilities.

BGND's risk and decision platform can be used as an employee or vendor screening mechanism. A commercial enterprise or government entity can economically and quickly assess the security risks associated with hiring potential staff for secure or sensitive jobs. BGND's system helps allocate scarce resources. RMSS assists managers in identifying options and making decisions that involve complex inputs and high-value, high-cost outcomes.


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