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Programming Background:

BluegrassNet Development knows what it takes to write great software. We know what it takes to tie your data, business procedure, workflow, and related processes together as a complete package. In the end, well written, purposeful software, can save you money, time, and more money in many different ways.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, we maintain a fully staffed programming department that focuses exclusively on software planning, conceptualization, and execution. We have been offering programming services services since 2000. In the beginning, most of this work consisted of database admin work on certain websites that were being developed by Ad & Marketing agencies locally and out of Chicago. Eventually, we started re-creating existing software, usually written in Visual Basic, or MS-Access and converting it into a web-based opensource environment.  Our success in doing this has led to larger and larger software projects over the years.

Our experts not only have experience in not only software development, but also security, HIPPA compliance, privacy issues, dealing with traffic and system stress from extremely popular websites, server saturation, etc. This experience has made BGND one of the main "go to" firms in the region. If you want it to work on the web, and have it work WELL, come to BGND. The breadth of our  experience in both software and server systems allows us to design end-to-end enterprise class systems that will fit your budget. 

Programming Capabilities:

  • We are PHP experts, with experience in Java & .Net as well.
  • Extensive SQL Development and Administrative experience such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle
  • Familiarity with: Wordpress, Drupal,  and Joomla as well. We specialize in supporting developers building solutions using these platforms.
  • Internet Commerce & SSL- Financial transactions in a secure manner.  This includes shopping carts and credit card transaction processing, etc.
  • Extensive experience in building and supporting websites that draw a lot of traffic or have extensive processor utilization due to excessive database queries.
  • Integrating data from disparate systems onto one database.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • The delivery of a large-scale online reporting software for one of the largest restaurant franchises in the world, including remediation of inconsistent databases that ran to 250 million rows of data per table.
  • Enterprise management software for one of the largest trucking companies in the United States.  This included an accounting component as well.
  • Enterprise management software for the largest foster care agency in Indiana.  This is a hugely successful project.  It includes billing, case management, and more.
  • The entire solution for one of the largest rental house websites in the world.  This included building and maintaining the servers as well as writting the application over two years.
Software & Servers:

This is another great aspect of doing business with BGND.  Sometimes, our role goes beyond just writing the software.  We are often called upon to design, build, and maintain the servers that run your software.  This can be done at any one of our datacenters, as well as at your company site.  You can hire BGND to manage your servers and the network they're connected to, so essentially... we can be your one-stop shop.  


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