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BGND's e-commerce solutions power many commercial websites throughout the United States. We specialize in handling the IT component of e-commerce development, in other words: the e-commerce engine, any database development, and any programming that makes the website dynamic and interactive.

We generally work with developers and designers to deliver top-notch websites with world-class interactive functionality in the background. We are the background guys. We program, we manage the IT angle, we run the servers, we make sure things stay up and running. You deal with the marketing issues, the design, the look, the flow, and the layout.

In a nutshell, we empower Internet marketing agencies, Advertising agencies, Independent Website Developers, Search Engine experts, and Graphic Designers to expand and take on projects that due to technical circumstances would have normally been outside of their realm.

Here are some brief descriptions of the type of projects we deliver:

Web Sites with Dynamic Database Interaction
Transaction-Based Services
Portals/Content Management
Development, Integration and Deployment Services
Network-centric Software Solutions

Web Sites with Dynamic Database Interaction
Using proven industry database technology, BGND can build you a database back-end that is exactly what you need in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We specialize in SQL database development, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS-SQL. If you have a website or a piece of software that needs a database back-end, we are just the guys for the project. We also offer complete documentation, planning, and other professional database environment services.
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Transaction-Based Services
BGND has real experience building for transaction-based Web services. Clients can select from a full range of search, taxonomy and categorization, presentation, and maintenance tools. Ths iincludes e-commerce systems supports shipping and tax calculation as well as user authentication. We also provide full transactional security as well as the necessary programming interfaces to send and receive financial data between a client's application and credit card processing companies and/or PayPal.
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Portals/Content Management
BGND has extensive experience building website back-ends that are supporting corporate information portals that can be edited on an ongoing basis by any beginner. These content management systems have almost an infinite number of add-ons, and projects can scale from very small to very large. We will work with your communications department to give you exactly what you want.

BGND's portal / portlet solutions can provide a customer with metrics about user behavior, as well as maintaining surveillance of all activity within the portal.
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Development, Integration and Deployment Services
Our development and integration package includes three segments: application development services, integration services, and deployment services.

BGND's detailed design, implementation and information technology management services link customized or off-the-shelf applications. Linkages can be made within a Web services or proprietary framework such as SAP R/3, Oracle, or Microsoft enterprise frameworks. BGND's services include project planning, project management, requirements definition, detailed design, and implementation of application programming interfaces.

BGND's application development services create new functionality for customers' developed or packaged applications. BGND can integrate internal and external business processes. These services include conversion applications to run on different platforms or architectures. For legacy applications, BGND implements technology that leaves legacy applications in place while enabling other systems to gain near real time access to the data in a legacy system.

BGND's deployment services support the implementation and roll out of new applications or infrastructure, including hardware and software procurement as well as configuration, performance tuning, staging, installation, troubleshooting, and inter operability testing.
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Software Solutions
BGND provides stable software solutions following best practices for high demand, mission-critical systems. BGND's practices ensure reliable, scalable systems from project inception through requirements definition, prototyping and specification through build, unit test, final acceptance testing, customer training and ongoing maintenance. BGND delivers systems on time and within budget.

BGND's engineers are skilled in the use of a broad set of industry-standard Web technologies, including J2EE, ASP, and XML among others. BGND is experienced in building object-oriented applications that run on all common application servers and integrating them with Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, Informix, or open-source databases. Delivered applications run on Linux/Unix as well as Microsoft operating systems.

BGND's systems are designed to that customers manage them. BGND specializes in managed services. BGND hosts a client's application at BGND's secure facility. BGND offer a full suite of Business Process Management and Infrastructure Management Services. These range from troubleshooting to assuming responsibility for a client's information technology and systems operations.
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