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Do any of these words describe what you are looking for: IT Governance, IT Best Practices, IT planning and control, IT Services, IT Project Management, IT staff management?

These are the buzzword solutions to IT challenges that most business owners and managers are seeking today. These challenges are not only about financial and human resources, as related to IT, but also about understanding what is possible and what is practical when developing an IT strategy. How often is money squandered, or IT needs underestimated when implementing an IT strategy? How many times have we seen the best of business plans sidelined by poor IT planning and execution? When it comes to IT planning and management, it is important that management "gets it right". It is having the experience to "doing it right" and then "doing the right thing" that is BluegrassNet Development's forte.

BluegrassNet Development can help a business develop a sensible IT plan, and then assist in the implementation of that plan as circumstances warrant. Whether your business has a large IT staff, a single IT person, or if it has no IT resources, BluegrassNet Development has the experience to "make things happen". It is this type of flexibility and experience that has given us a good reputation in the marketplace.

Some examples of how we can work:

  • BluegrassNet Development will work with a company that already has multiple people on an IT staff, yet does not have a particular skill-set (such as writing software), and then work with their IT department to put the custom software in place, and insure it works on an ongoing basis.

  • We will work with a business that may only have a single IT person, and there are several components of the IT schema that the single person does not have the skill-sets to address. We will work with management, and the IT person, on all of the elements to be addressed as individual projects, and then becoming the ongoing resource for that technology if necessary. This sometimes involves managing that individual IT person as well.

  • Some businesses do not have anyone fulfilling the role of the IT person, and BluegrassNet Development may actually become their IT department. The size of our organization allows us to bring multiple skill sets to the table at a fraction of the cost of hiring multiple full-time IT staff.

  • What does all this mean? In the end, if the IT strategy is planned and executed properly, the customer (the business) has a more reliable, better running IT architecture than they did before at the lowest possible cost.

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